Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Go give Mr. Dustbury a valentine

In the old days, it took construction paper, glitter, glue, and scissors to make a valentine. I sort of miss the valentine assembly line...

I have the gift of making EXCELLENT and perfect paper hearts by the gross, as my kids can attest. Many years we sat on the floor churning out the requisite number of valentines - at the Friends School they attended, the rule was "give one to everybody or give none at all."

I think that was a great rule. When I was a kid, each of us had to make, in class, a Valentine Repository (a decorated cereal box). Then, on the big day, we listened for our names anxiously when, with great ceremony, the teacher doled out the valentines. The popular kids got a lot and the other kids didn't. What an awful, sucky system!

Nowadays, all it takes is a click of your mouse! Go to dustbury (his sweet request, by the way, is filed in his "Table for One" category) and leave him a valentine.

I'm going to go back to dustbury later and check up on you! Come on, remember the bad old days and drop a valentine in his box!

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At 2:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mom, this weekend rachel (our RA) and some others had the great idea for a program where we got together with another hall and some construction paper and markers and stuff and make valentines' cards

it was really, really fun!!

עם אהבה



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