Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I've been on a news/noise boycott lately but turned on the radio long enough to hear this morning on NPR that (generic/anonymous) "researchers" have announced: kim chee and its American cousin sauerkraut protect chickens from the Avian Bird Flu.

Of course this has convinced Americans to hoard sauerkraut, reasoning that what works for chickens is surely good for us too.

There were quotes from happy, dazed sauerkraut manufacturers. One informed us happily that sauerkraut is good on pizza and can even be an ingredient of delicious cakes.

My daughter Melina will affirm: I am a lifelong sauerkraut devotee - another recessive gene, I guess, since she and her brother eschew it completely.

I used to live in a hippy house on Rindge Avenue in North Cambridge with a cute guy named Victor who was destined to succeed his father and become a Sauerkraut King, heir to a sauerkraut fortune, in Cortland, New York. I wonder if that's what happened to him. I wonder if he's saying, as did one of the manufacturers interviewed: "I couldn't have dreamed up a better marketing campaign if I'd laid awake all night."

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At 10:16 AM, Blogger MaryB said...

Yes! I heard this story! I love kim-chee, but I'm not overly fond of sauerkraut - Daddy loved it, though. Then again, I haven't tried it in years, so maybe I've grown into it. Suppose there'll be a run on kim-chee and sauerkraut to stave off bird-flu - wonder how the pharmaceutical companies will manage to corner the market on pickled cabbage?


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