Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Powerpoint Bashing

In March I wrote about How Much I Hate Powerpoint. Now I see at the Dragon's Tale that
use of computers in school to create presentations was negatively associated with writing test scores. According to the researchers, this negative relationship may result from students spending less time writing during class time and more time creating and revising multimedia projects that contain relatively small amounts of written work.
Which was just my gripe as I watched the kids fiddling with dinosaur pictures instead of writing anything...

Chenoweth also links to stories called:
  • Does PowerPoint make us stupid?
  • Does PowerPoint Make You Stupid
  • A Complete Waste of Time: PowerPoint Makes You Stupid
  • NASA: PowerPoint Makes You Stupid
  • PowerPoint Makes You Dumb
which I intend to go visit, pronto.

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At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Craig said...

My youngest sister is an absolute whiz at PowerPoint. She was valedictorian at her university where she earned an MBA and became a CPA. In college she performed leading roles in nearly every production staged by the drama department, including musicals. She married a fellow student who directed most of those musicals and happened also to be the son of an electrical engineering professor. She turned down offers to earn a doctorate in business for a job selling hydroelectric power from the Columbia River to states like California. Her work involves telling government officials where the power went and how much was paid for it. Her prose is marvelously opaque, decipherable only by people with doctorates. But her Power Point presentations are so clear that the Minister of Finance in Kirghizstan insisted a number of years ago that she go to Kirghizstan to show their government how to use Power Point. Personally, I've never had any success whatsoever using Power Point, but then I was an English major. What do I know?

At 1:11 AM, Blogger coturnix said...

I have seen many bad examples of the use of PowerPoint. On the other hand, being in science, I have seen many outstanding uses of PowerPoint, too. I just don't think it should be used or even taught before grad school...and Coturnietta is giving a PPT presentation tomorrow and I have to go to her school to watch!


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