Saturday, May 21, 2005

Quick hello from New Haven

... watching all the family units in their traditional regalia assembling for graduation ceremonies this weekend. Flowing saris, African garb, some in the classic WASP pearls and suits. Some families looking blissful, some ready to explode. The poor graduating seniors, I can see the whites all the way around their eyes, they're trying to mediate, does everybody have an agenda?

I feel like I don't have any agenda now ... being here for Melina, just being able to get Zed here, tranqued up after his surgery, he's so euphoric it's adorable, that's enough for me. In the greasy spoon this morning: "this is the best breakfast I've ever had," Melina is peaceful and in a good mood, her boyfriend who has not taken on an alias yet is a pleasure too. So when the rest of the crew arrives, I can say: whatever happens is fine.


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