Friday, May 06, 2005

Jane Austin does Schwartzenegger

From scribblingwoman comes news of the new Jane Austen action figure, it comes with a little pen and ink set. Also a link to a "lovely group-authored mash-up of, I kid you not, Austen and The Terminator"
The tall and handsomely dressed figure of Mr. Terminus stood a moment with an expression of resolution upon his features, as does a man contemplating a plunge from a precipice, or perhaps a proposal of marriage (the two carrying nearly equal terror to most). Then he began to relate the most astonishing tale Patience had ever heard.

"As you know, Miss Patience," he began, "I am, to a great degree, a machine; my exterior, and some portions of my interior, are made as are those of Mr. Connor and yourself, but the greater part is metal and other materials, some of which you would recognize, and others of which you and even the wise men of your universities would know nothing at all."

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