Friday, April 22, 2005

Spam, Tuna, and the Pope

My son just got spam from a guy named "Cancerous F. Jilin." Mr. Jilin wanted to share his success with women. Zed pointed out that in order for spam to get through Gmail's excellent filters, virtually every word must be spelled incorrectly. Since I, as a representative woman, would not go out with a guy who spells this badly, I say pass on clicking for more information.

Here is the can of tuna fish I opened this morning. Notice that it is less than half full (about 1/4" of loft when the water is squeezed out)? Yet, I suppose that's good in a way, since the mercury in tuna is toxic and therefore the less we eat the better. Why are they still selling it?

Is it just me or does the new pope look like a character out of the Lord of the Rings?

UPDATE! My dear daughter Melina points out that, once again, I am far behind. Here is the proof: Pope Sidious and this one is also excellent. (Mine is just from the cover of "Que Pasa.")

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At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm, I hate to be the overly zeitgeisty blogger but I believe the character that sparked your memory may be the decrepit evil emperor from star wars.



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