Wednesday, April 20, 2005

More about gravy

I have a fondness for found art (see 100 things about other people). Here are some of the references to gravy that Google found for me after I wrote that post about having enough ...

"Get outta that bed, and wash yo’ face and hands." Beyond that basic act, everything else is gravy.

I won't be sick! Everything else is gravy.

Says the 29-year-old tattooed Ms. Naked, "When your folks are proud of you for what you did, everything else is gravy!"

After resurrection, everything else is gravy.

Remember, food, warmth and shelter. Everything else is gravy. You do need to keep things in perspective

In short, if it has a good beat and you can dance to it, everything else is gravy.

After you make your nut, everything else is gravy, to the tune of five percent. You don't make your nut, you're gone.

Just being able to get up every day and look at Rob and Justice, that's everything. Everything else is gravy.

I just love the fact that every Tuesday I get a new list of movies to add to my queue. Everything else is gravy.

Excerpts from Monday Moron's piece called Everything Else Is Gravy:

I believe it is time I paid a bit of gratitude and offer an homage to the little things that we often overlook. See if any of these apply to you as well.

Firstly, I am thankful for potentially perilous circumstances which never materialized into horrible tragedy in my life over the years. There are several which come to mind:
  • The time I recklessly microwaved popcorn with the wrong side of the bag facing up (wow, that might have been armageddon).
  • The time I unwittingly slandered Captain Kirk for having unprotected, intergalactic sex as I rode the elevator at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas during a "Star Trek" convention.
  • The time I bought a parachute from a newly-hired salesman who said he was "reasonably certain" that his instructions for triggering the rip cord were accurate.

Secondly, I am thankful for the advances in technology, humanity, industry and nutrition over the years I have graced this earth. There are so many worth mentioning, however, I have comprised an abbreviated list for your consideration:
  • The progression from "Heidi," to "Flashdance," to "Showgirls," to "Paris Hilton Goes to Hollywood."
  • The progression from five, to 10, to 20, to 40 milligrams that Paxil offers its consumers.

Thirdly, I am thankful for the progress my children have made in the area of maturity. Gone are the days in which they were gullible enough to believe there was actually an alligator petting zoo at the local amusement park.

  • My 10-year-old recently told me that I could no longer look at her Britney Spears magazines because Britney Spears sets a bad example for impressionable minds like mine.
  • My nine-year-old recently explained that she was ceasing to read "Harry Potter" books since I had informed her that many Potter fans were reading to the extent that they were getting headaches and stiff necks as a result. I promptly explained to her that 10 pages per day would do no more harm than spending that time dressing the dog in her old over-alls.

My goal (and I think all of ours) is to see that ourselves and our firefighters get home to their loved ones at the end of each and every shift. Everything else is gravy.

The fact is, when two people love each other, that IS a family. Everything else is gravy.

There is still good music to be made with good friends. And when you have that, everything else is gravy.

My basics are BBEdit, an SSH client, a decent browser, a good e-mail client. Everything else is gravy.

The must-sees are Palmyra, Petra and the Dead Sea, everything else is gravy, really.

As long as I am fed, watered, have a place to sleep, something to drive to work, a job, ain’t sick, have my bills paid, and, a little whisky in the cabinet, everything else is gravy…

Again though, my contract only requires the recovery of Rhonda, Quickclaw and the diamond. Everything else is gravy.

Proper compromise on both sides is necessary. Grand standing is cowardice. Everything else is gravy.

The rock-bottom minimum is to say one “prayer,” namely, Ashrei, before the Matbeah shel Tefillah, then pray the entire Matbeah shel Tefillah, then recite one prayer, preferably Aleinu, thereafter. Everything else is gravy.

A universal remote control's primary job is to control all of your gear. Everything else is gravy.

Then, there are the times when a long conversation with a good friend is the most important thing in the world. There are too few moments like that in a lifetime, where you can talk and laugh and be happy for free. I've finally gotten old enough to come to grips with my own mortality, and realize that my time on this earth, despite my youthful wishes, is finite. To waste those moments when they come along would be just plain stupid. You only get so many of them. ... Everything else is gravy.

OSU to beat Mich, everything else is gravy.

But again: Hermione, fist, Draco, boom. Everything else is gravy.

Pieces get knocked off the board; change the rules up and add more. As long as you're still standing then everything else is gravy.

All I ask of a fridge is that it cools my stuff and it does that well. Everything else is gravy.

Happiness is in the friends you have and in doing what you like. Everything else is gravy.

They were coming for the combat, pure and simple, and the combat is where Bloodsport succeeds. Everything else is gravy.

Here's my definition of a successful wedding: at the end of it, the bride and groom are a) married to one another and b) uninjured. Everything else is gravy.

If it behaves itself in javascript and can handle the java plugin everything else is gravy.

When I sit down to mix I don't care how long it took to add all the parts; I turn on the drums and the voice. Then I find out if it needs the bass and go from there. The least amount of things you can do with a song and still get the song across is the secret. Everything else is gravy and - goddamn - I don't like gravy on the steak and the salad. ... if you can get away without it, forget it.

We do the best we can. Everything else is gravy.

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At 8:32 AM, Blogger kenju said...

Hard to believe that the word 'gravy' has been used so much outside of recipes.

To the quote about marriage, I would add section "C": and everyone loved the flowers!


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