Friday, April 15, 2005

Two more songs from the Balkans

Pevano Kolo (Croatia)

Hey bachelors! Spread wide your sleeves and dance with me!
In vain is fine bedding if only bachelors sleep on it!

You can judge the calf by the bull, and I know you, my black-haired darling, by your spotted bull.

Bizovats is the best village in all Slavonia! The lamp is lit, the fire is crackling, and Mama wants a rich son-in-law."

Shto ti se maika (Bulgaria)

"Why does your mother scold every night before supper?"
"Oh girl, devilish girl, because you don't rise early and light the fire."
"But why does your mother scold me?"
"Because you pass by our courtyard playing your flute, the dogs bark, you stamp your boots and break the cobblestones."
"If your mother scolds you because of me, I will go by another road, but I will love another girl."
"Walk as you always walk, stomp as you always stomp! Mother is old -- let her scold. She has forgotten the young years."


At 9:58 AM, Blogger DarkoV said...

Appreciate your posting, specifically the "Pevano Kolo". Being from the New Old World (as our fine prez calls it since he can't remember any of the specific countries there), it was enjoyable to see that the song translates fairly well to English. Since Croatians are peculiarly obsessed with goats, cow, bulls, pigs, and love, I think you did a superb diplomatic turn here. I'm finally going back to visit my family; can't wait to hit the tavernas where everyone starts singing and slurring when the clock hits 3:00 in the afternoon.

Ziveli! i puno vam hvala.


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