Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Prolix R Us, empty nest, full nest

I read in somebody's blog the other day that I write so much here that "good luck trying to find ..." something she was looking for in an old post - though I do have a search engine on the sidebar.

I know she didn't mean it in a snide way but I feel embarrassed. Caught in the act of being a nascent empty nester, looking for a change of direction after 23 years of being a mother.

I'm glad my kids are growing up well, and I'm proud of the people they are becoming. But parenting older kids is primarily a spectator sport. You know, by all means sit down in front of the tv with a bowl of popcorn and root like crazy for your favorite team - but it won't much influence the outcome.

Speaking of nests, a friend passed along this lovely link to the site where people post fantastic pictures of the red-tailed hawks nesting on a luxury apartment building across from Central Park in New York City. There's also info about the whole hawk-watching project and its history.

The picture that's up today shows a satisfying solution to the squirrel problem.

According to The Daily News:
In December, the board of a co-op apartment building at Fifth Ave. and 74th St., whose tenants include actress Mary Tyler Moore and CNN anchor Paula Zahn, removed the hawks' huge nest from a 12th-story ledge, calling it a hazard.

The board later bowed to public outrage and pressure from the city and environmentalists, and restored a row of anti-pigeon spikes that the hawks had used to anchor their nest.

Pale Male and Lola immediately rebuilt their nest.

Since 2001 they've produced seven baby birds, four of which survived.
"Lola appears to be turning the eggs every half hour or so. Pale Male had two sittings today between noon and sunset. He roosted in the Pilgrim Hill Pin Oak tonight," says an entry posted last Sunday.

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At 8:00 AM, Blogger Miriam Jones said...

Don't be embarrassed. Your blog is a goldmine, in all sorts of ways. And you give all sorts of different ways to access material, from the sidebar.

At 12:16 AM, Blogger Badaunt said...

I love the story about Pale Male and Lola. All we have here are a couple of very stupid turtledoves, who visit begging for food occasionally. One year they started building a nest, and we were all excited until they went away, came back, and started building ANOTHER nest, having already forgotten the first one. And then they abandoned that one, too, which made me wonder just how many nests they had and how they managed to survive at all.

At 8:17 AM, Blogger Prochein Amy said...

Would they give you a hard time if you watched 2 hours of TV a day? Probably not.

At 9:12 PM, Blogger Craig said...

I think it's wonderful you can be so prolific. I limit myself to one post a week mainly because I'm afraid I'll run out of stuff to talk about. And my wife tells me I never get off the computer. But for you one thing seems to trigger another. More power tooya. I found a pirate blog, in case you're interested. Let me know, I'll give you the link.

At 10:31 PM, Blogger Prochein Amy said...

I got it - new blog lingo:

"Pratie pace poster"

Used in converstation:
"She posts something every day!"
"Ya, she's a Pratie pace poster!"

badda-bing! Ok, I thought it was funny!!!

At 12:25 AM, Anonymous ae said...

Your posts are neither too long nor too many! It's just your style, and for those of us who like to read things longer than a bumper sticker, very intersting to boot. So, thanks, and keep going.


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