Monday, March 07, 2005

Lurkers' Paradise

Overheard in New York today gives us:

Girl #1: Did you see Lisa's London trip pictures?
Guy: No.
Girl #1: She actually had a double chin in some of the pics.
Girl #2: That's great!
Union Square

Guy: This town is going to hell. Only 5 years ago, you could still get mugged right outside of this place. These days, what you have to worry about is not to get hit in the face with a Prada purse with a brick in it.
The Apt, Meatpacking District

Big Kid: If that bitch ass didn't tell on me I wouldn't have gotten in trouble.
Little Kid: If you would have stayed out of trouble in the first place you wouldn't have gotten in trouble.

Dude: Her kids listen to nothin' but classical music. Every time they turn on the radio: classical music, and they smart as hell. I said, "Don't they watch no cartoons?!". I turn on Cartoon Network, they got a woman wearing a bikini, turns into a superhero at night! That and Spongebob. And look at Beyonce! Everytime you see her, you see her skin!
1 train

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