Monday, February 21, 2005

Awards that matter

Lenslinger, tv cameraman and fine writer, would like to see "Real Life Awards" for his peers including for example:
  • INTERN DITCHING: The squirrelly little dude in the clip-on tie just asked if he could 'roll with you today'. How do you get rid of him without crushing his spirit? Extra points for mercy kills.
  • ODDEST CAMEOS: Staging schmaging, isn't that YOU walking past the camera's wide shot? From hand modeling to crowd control, how can you work yourself into the warm-body background? Special bonus for weird facial expressions of goofy limps.
  • SLOWEST EDIT: Yeah yeah, you slapped together a 12 minute documentary in 90 seconds. Big Deal! Give my blue ribbon to the cat who can stretch a 120 second story on Gardening Tips into two days of 'intensive editing'. Special penalties apply if caught dozing in the non-linear suites.
  • GREASY SPOON EXPERTISE: Test your knowledge of local eateries, their hours of operation, and menu items. Extra points awarded for identifying fast-food chains by building silhouettes.

    and my favorite:
  • OVERALL RESTRAINT: File a report on holiday shopping WITHOUT cash register sound. Cover the local groundbreaking with NO shovel shots. Simply execute a typical story resisting all cliché angles, shots and methods. Rack focuses and time-lapsed sunsets automatically disqualifies entrant.

How about not saying, "one thing is certain - the answer will not be found anytime soon."

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At 9:48 AM, Blogger Badaunt said...

Ooh spot on! (A long, long time ago I used to work for a TV company, and this list brought back a LOT of memories.)


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