Friday, February 18, 2005

Wall Street Journal Poetry Challenge Continues

I've collected a few poems based on the Wall Street Journal. If you write one I will link to it:
  • "Significantly Different" by Bad Aunt from PresentSimple. She writes: "I do not have access to the WSJ, so instead I have written a poem in which every word is taken from the paper I am currently proofreading. This paper has been written for a financial journal, so I think it qualifies. It certainly wasn't easy, particularly as I decided that I wanted my poem to rhyme."
  • "The Deal Was Rejected" by Isabella at Magnificent Octopus. She used the story "NHLPA offers salary cap"
  • "His Unusually Attractive Energy (mine) from the WSJ article "How Lowly Bitumen is Biting Oil Reserve Tallies"

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