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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A wonderful evening alone

Sometimes I think I've been alone so much in the last few years I've become fossilized, but so what. A helpful mantra on this subject: "There are many things worse than being alone."

Tonight I went to dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. It was 80 degrees, there was a lovely breeze, I sat on the patio (which has a sweeping panoramic view over a Sam's Club parking lot), and watched the sun set (over the Adam and Eve parking lot), and did my Yiddish homework while eating a special salad I invented and which almost every mesero at this restaurant can make for me...

Simple pleasures: doing my Yiddish homework and eating my dinner and listening to the mariachi music and feeling the breeze and watching the sun set over the parking lot.

A solitary diner eavesdrops. When I got gloomy listening to the ridiculously boring conversations around me - Hannah used to say "I want to put a stake through my eye" when subjected to this level of idiocy - I remembered - at least I don't have to participate in these exchanges! I.e. nothing to complain about.

Another excellent thing: a splendid long denim skirt, worn for the first time, bought at the Salvation Army in Manhattan while I was seeking a modest skirt to wear to services. Since it had had a busted-out zipper the cashier gave it to me at a super-super discount. I fixed it today, feeling thankful I know how to sew and can make a ruined skirt splendid again...

Lastly, on the way home I was enchanted by an interview on "Fresh Air" about credit cards. I'll sum it up and post it.



At 3:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How clever of you to realize that when you are with yourself you are in very good company.

At 2:31 PM, Blogger Wenchy said...

I would rather be alone than in bad company


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