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Friday, May 12, 2006

Trip to Seattle: Pike Place Market

Friday I walked down to the Pike Place Market. I didn't take any pictures while I was inside - it's very crowded and noisy, what with all the fish-throwing and the ancient hippies singing and banging on their guitars etc. - but I was interested to see that there was a tiny view of the sound from a park adjacent.

Seattle is one of the many cities which built highways along its waterfront, thereby ruining a priceless asset. Doesn't it amaze you that, for instance, real estate along the Hudson River in Manhattan, which would have been so gorgeous, is covered with cars going a zillion miles an hour?

The highway, as you see, cuts humans off from any contact with the water. Traffic is deafening down by the Pike Place Market. But you can get a few pretty glimpses of the Puget sound and its many activities.

Where did these two women get these baby mass-transport devices?

It was on my trip to Pike Place Market that I bought:

  • Two kinds of local cheese for $16 per pound;

  • Local hazelnuts, 4 ounces for $4.50;

  • A map of Paris, for my July Yiddish-Immersion adventure at the Bibliothèque Medem;

  • A pierogi which was too salty to eat, but it sure was big;

  • A postcard for Menticia which I addressed, put a stamp on, and lost.

There was a store full of clever animal placards (example: "Dogs have Masters, Cats have Staff") and a quilting store I'd have drooled over when I was a fiber-arts maven in early years. There was a not-good bakery or two. The fish was the freshest I've ever seen anywhere except pulled in out of the ocean in front of my eyes, and I lusted for some, but I wasn't going to walk back up Queen Anne's Hill with my arms wrapped around a prize like that.

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