Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Duke Power: worst customer service. Wealthy monopoly shafts customers. Vent!

I am writing to you, gentle readers, from my cellphone, because half an hour ago while I was recording Yiddish songs in my living room, a Duke Energy guy walked up to the house and cut off the power. (I didn't realize it until he was gone because my recording studio was running off a laptop battery.)

Turns out my bill was overdue. I've been a customer of this bloated company since 1981 and always pay my bill. But somehow, without my permission, they seem to have transferred me to a paperless billing system. OK, except I don't get any emails. I also didn't get a phone call. Where are the robocalls when they would actually help?

That guy who cut off the power, I'm absolutely sure he saw me through the window, but instead of ringing the doorbell he pulled the plug and left.

Is this how well a paperless system works? Duke Energy doesn't have to care how its customers are treated because we have no choice, they are the only game in town. Like Time Warner Cable, another wretchedly mismanaged widely loathed monopoly around here.

Just sitting here thinking about the food that's melting in the refrigerator, the work I can't do, and how much I hate being treated this way after decades of paying my bill like a good customer that deserved better than this.


At 10:07 PM, Blogger doris. said...

Outrageous. What about people who don't even own computers? They are probably without power, too.

At 10:27 PM, Blogger Pablo Villalobos said...

The same happened to me once (with another power company) and to make matters worse, the house had to be inspected again before the power was turned on again. I spent a whole weekend with fans (it was summer) and everything in the fridge went bad.
I was so upset, that took the opportunity to change providers, since this company didn't send a second notice and I couldn't pay the bill.
I saw the guy walking on my lawn (I live in a mobile -manufactured- home) and thought about it but it was too late. He told me that even if I had the money in my hand he couldn't do anything, that I had to go pay it and then call them so he could come back! This was only one of many things that happen here (the parking space for the mobile homes is another horror story) because people don't care about other people and only look to make money no matter what.

At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duke power just treated me poorly. They are awful!


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