Saturday, December 22, 2012

Where are Shlomo Lindenfeld's recordings?

This winter, instead of sewing a quilt, I'm doing something similar: I am hunting for clues to the performers, composers, and recordings referenced in the seven books of theater song lyrics by Itzik Zhelonek. I found these little books of lyrics (no melodies) in the National Library of Jerusalem and the Chabad Library in Brooklyn. These were supposedly the most popular songs of their day, there are about 130 in all, but some seem to have disappeared completely from the surface of the earth.

One of my greatest frustrations is the total disappearance of Shlomo Lindenfeld. He made a lot of records but not a one survives among all the databases and collections I can find except this:

Opgeforn by Die Idische Bim-Boms (Di Yidishe Bim-Boms). The Jewish Bim-Boms was a duo: Herman Feinstein and Shlomo Lindenfeld. One record.

If anybody knows where I can find anything more by Shlomo Lindenfeld, please let me know. I'm looking for these songs:

Nerven, nerven (Nerves, nerves)
Gevald, vu nemt men a direh? (Golly, where can one find an apartment?)
Di velt hot zikh ibergekert (The World Turned Upside Down - same tune as the previous)
Yontif / Yom-tov in der vokhn (mid-week holiday)


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