Monday, December 31, 2012

Yiddish New Year's Eve song for all

Update: I am told by a reader that  the translation is actually from Gut Yuntif, Gut Yohr by Marie B. Jaffe, (c) 1965/7/9. I was originally informed it was by Matthew Rothenberg. In any case, here's a Yiddish version of the Scottish New Year's favorite Auld Lang Syne:

Ver ken fargesen alte fraynt
Zey ligen in gedank,
Lomir gedenken alte fraynt,
Un simkhes mit gezang.

Dermon zikh fun di alte teg,
Dermon zikh fun amol,
L'khayim tsu di alte teg,
Un simkhes fun amol.

Ot iz mayn hant, maynt guter fraynt,
Un gib mir yetst daynt hant;
Lomir makhen a shnaps, maynt fraynt,
Mit freylekhs zayn bekant.

A translation from the Yiddish text of Auld Lang Syne:

Who can forget old friends
They like in the memory
Let's remember old friends
and celebrations with song

Remember the old days
Remember long ago
Let's raise a glass to the old days
And celebrations of long ago

Here's my hand, my good friend,
And now give me your hand
Let's take some shnaps, my friend
And be friends with freylekhs (happy dance tunes)

I've moved one of my obsessions to a different blog, if you're interested go visit An exploration of Yiddish Theater songs and kleynkunst. Happy New Year!


At 9:17 PM, Blogger Henry said...

This translation is from Gut Yuntif, Gut Yohr by Marie B. Jaffe, (c) 1965/7/9.

In the meantime, Happy New Year from Boston!


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