Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pratie Projects for April and May 2010

Here is the partial to-do list file for the next couple months...
  • Finish translating "Di Alte Mayse" (The Old Story) by Mendele Moyher Sforim;
  • Finish reading "Alter" by Jacob Dineson so I can give the precis to my Dineson maven Scott Davis;
  • Buy a new keyboard for my laptop, which hasn't made capital letters via the shift button since I spilled tea on it;
  • Play at a couple weddings and a couple special events like the Hillsborough Arts Council event this weekend;
  • Finish making wedding knick-knacks for Hannah's wedding;
  • Make a couple more dresses for the wedding festivities;
  • Fix the low voltage lights along the driveway;
  • Find a camper top for my pickup truck so I can safely bring Ezra's stuff back from Wesleyan;
  • Get the tiles replaced in my pantry (wedding beautification project);
  • Get the new (actually, an antique cast-iron farm sink I had re-enameled) kitchen sink installed (thanks, Bob!);
  • Clean up the whole outdoors around my house and remove the redneck lawn sculpture left there by Doug Karger when he replaced my water pressure tank (ie, the old water-logged pressure tank);
  • Do several performances (the first and last and only) of the Durham Chapel Hill Complaints Choir on May 2;
  • Fly up to Wesleyan to visit Ezra while he writes the LAST TWO PAPERS OF HIS COLLEGE CAREER;
  • Then a couple weeks later drive up there for his COLLEGE GRADUATION and then hang around in Connecticut for a few days and then go to my college reunion the following weekend;
  • Drive home and supervise the pressure washing, window cleaning, and rug steaming projects which will complete the wedding beautification project;
  • Do my first-ever concert with pianist Aviva Enoch (Yiddish music) on June 12;
  • Enjoy my daughter's wedding.


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