Sunday, February 21, 2010

In which we hold the first meeting of the Durham-Chapel Hill Complaints Choir and a fine time is had by all.

It wasn't long ago somebody posted this video to Facebook (skip to around 1:10, which is when the singing begins):

I thought it was great! And soon found out there were tons of Complaints Choir videos on youtube. Naturally, the next thought was: "We should do that." I talked composer/arranger/choir director Glenn Mehrbach into joining me in starting one up.

We met today at the gorgeous, bright, welcoming music room at the Montessori Community School. Everybody brought snacks and drinks. I had seven pieces of poster board with the complaints sent in previously (probably a hundred) organized in categories. I had written a warm-up using a few of the complaints we'd gotten:
What is with all this cold weather and snow and ice storms?
I moved here to get away from all that
Maybe I should move to Florida
But then there would be alligators
I really don’t like alligators.

If computers are always getting faster,
Then why am I spending more time on mine?
They don’t plow my street till the snow is already gone.
Health insurance costs too much.
People steal the pens from my desk.

Everybody sounded great and had a wonderful time. If you're local, it's not too late to join us: see our website for details.

Concert: May 2, place TBA.


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