Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Giant puppet - making the first head

I didn't take many pictures at the Saxapahaw workshops, I was too busy. The first Saturday, I rolled a tube of cardboard, drew a rough face on it, made fluffy pads of newspaper to push the head out for brow, nose, and cheeks, and covered it with one layer of paper mache.

The second Saturday I cut the roll of cardboard at the bottom to give the creature a neck, and did another couple layers of papier mache.

Then I brought it home and, since it was very heavy, cut it in half, pulled out most of the cardboard and all the newspaper stuffing, and taped it back together again after adding a housing for the stick.

Now I'm wondering if I should give him eyes. I made orbs over the whiffle balls but maybe he's better blind.


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