Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Free fun.

I was miserable most of the day, thinking about my friend who had to sell his tools. I escaped my misery for a while by taking my current Yiddish project to my favorite super-cheap Mexican restaurant and working there for a few hours.

Then, tonight, I hied myself to the second session of the brand-new Chapel Hill Spanish conversation meet-up group. Friends have been telling me about for ages, but this was my first signup. A smashing success!

We met at Foster's Market in Chapel Hill; we were four viejos and four lovely twenty-somethings, one of whom is from Columbia and gave us a cute rundown of different words for a briefcase, a man-purse, a big purse, a plastic purse, a backpack, etc...

Nice people and good conversation, even though we sometimes broke down into English when it got too tough for us; luckily, since our Columbian member is trying to improve her English, no importa.

I struggled with the Yiddish words that crowded into my head and occasionally, to my horror and confusion, long-ago Russian words popped up too! But as the hours rolled by, the conversation flowed better and I just felt like - these were nice people to be around. A rousing success, I recommend it!



At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh. . . Jane, Don't be miserable about me selling a tool. Be miserable about if I had to come live with you! You're are a sweetie.


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