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Sunday, March 01, 2009

The first Pratie Head video!

I've been fooling around for a couple days trying to figure out how to make a video without buying any more equipment. I hung a bunch of bare lightbulbs on the tv set and set up one of my nice AKG mics overhead, and then put my little bitty pink digital Camera (Optio M50) on a tripod. I ran an audio track into the computer via the free program Audacity while we were recording video on the pink camera.

This was not a great success. The audio and video tracks were a little out of synch before I uploaded them to YouTube, for the upsetting reason that they were not exactly the same length! For some reason, the camera recorded a teency bit faster than Audacity did (or vice versa). Sadly, the tracks somehow got even more out of alignment when I uploaded them to YouTube.

It drives me kind of crazy to look at this, but it's a start!

If you know anything about syncing offboard audio with video, let me know! Thanks.



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