Friday, February 01, 2008

In which I indulge myself by sharing a complimentary email.

I've spent the last two days digging and hauling dirt; I'm terracing a garden above Jethro's field. It's not that I want a garden (as I've said, I'm kind of afraid of vegetables when there start to be too many of them) but I want to slow down the water before it washes across his pasture and turns it to mud, and as long as I'm terracing, I might as well call it a garden...

And last night it rained, hurrah! And it's still raining. I went out in my galoshes to gloat over the work I've been doing and then I couldn't help playing in the mud (did you build dams and divert little streams when you were a kid?) and the chickens played too and I splashed them, and myself, with mud as I swung the pickaxe...

...and then I came in and -- please excuse me for preening a bit and sharing this -- saw this email which Bob forwarded to me from the guy who hired us to play for the Triangle Guitar Society a week ago.

I'd been sort of nervous about the gig because (a) I don't play guitar and (b) they are mostly classical musicians. But it was a wonderful night.


I don't want to delay sending you and Jane my sincere thanks for a fabulous performance for our annual Triangle Guitar Society holiday salon recital.

We've always enjoyed your many performances for us in the past in a solo format but with Jane Peppler as your duo partner I believe you have a fantastic synergy of talents and a fine ensemble that's as expressive as it is flawless. With your your fantastic originals and your special unique arrangements there's no limit to your success.

I have heard many compliments from our TGS folks how blown away they were to find that Jane sang perfectly in Spanish and with a seductive charm as well. Starting off with the eastern European sounding piece Daichovo Horo was a smash hit.

And I especially love your new murder ballads and yes you're a great singer too. Lord Franklin is so tender and sweet that on first hearing I already feel nostalgic.

With the gypsy seduction of Jane's playing and singing and your special exciting style of guitar and bouzouki and fantastic tender singing your duo deserves to be heard far and wide and I congratulate you both on achieving such a fine accomplished ensemble.

Randy Reed
President, Triangle Guitar Society
Lecturer/Instructor of Guitar, Duke University

Reminds me I can't spend all day every day in the dirt, I better start practicing for our St. Patrick's Day celebration concerts coming up.

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At 4:56 PM, Anonymous susanlynn said...

Wowee wow, Jane...''The gypsy seduction of Jane's playing and singing..'' Way to go , girl. Bravo !!

At 8:38 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Now there's someone whose mama taught him to write an amazing note. And you deserve every word!

At 9:44 PM, Anonymous sylvia said...

Gypsy, I wish I could be a gypsy seductress! You know, it is one of my great wishes to see you live some day. I got to hear your radio show that one time which was very cool, but nothing beats a live performance. One of these days...


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