Friday, January 25, 2008

When your donkey will not walk with you...

This isn't a problem I have - Jethro loves his walks and often stands next to the grooming post looking expectantly toward the house when he thinks it's time - but I thought Vicki Abbott's advice was cute:
Can you imagine how disgusted he is after the first time when he realizes you walk down the road going nowhere, turn around and come back? Geez, that’s just a waste of energy.

When you take off down the road for a walk take along an empty bucket and when you go as far as you are going to go, spend a few minutes searching for just the right rocks, put them in the bucket and carry them back home and have him stand there while you take each rock out of the bucket and neatly stack it in a pile.

Work is something an ass understands. The journey down the road is for a purpose. You are collecting rocks and he is helping by keeping you company. The trek down the road might be fraught with danger, but you need those rocks and it is his job to go with you.

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At 2:27 AM, Anonymous AussieHarmony said...

I love this post. The dragon pics with the donkey illustrate the point perfectly.


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