Saturday, January 05, 2008

[New York]: The Amazing Ginsu Knife

An idle Saturday morning conversation led us somehow to this outstanding article on Ron Popeil, the late night knife salesman and scion of a whole nutty Jewish clan of boardwalk and department store salesmen.

This led us in turn to find these amazing YouTube videos of Ron Popeil (along with various colleagues) doing his thing, which led not only to an astonishingly powerful desire to buy a 13 piece Ron Popeil knife set, but to childhood reminiscences of Melinama and her Amazing Ginsu Knife, which no longer cuts so amazingly but which continues to provide her joy.

This led us to this New York Times article on the Amazing Ginsu knife.

This led us to the official Ginsu website,
where you can still buy Ginsu knives --

And this led us back to YouTube, where, I'll be damned, you can still watch the original 1978 Amazing Ginsu commercial -- and there's Melinama's own knife getting hit by a hammer, chopping firewood, and slicing tomatoes!

Ma, I note that the Ginsu ad offers a 50 year guarantee. Since your knife is no longer sharp, I bet you could call up these guys and ask for a new knife free...


At 11:14 PM, Blogger melinama said...

Whaddayou mean my knife isn't sharp any more? I can still saw the boxes of frozen beans open with it! It still cuts bread and frozen mozzarella and tomatoes! It is the "Original Ginsu Slicer." But I don't see anywhere on the site where I can order a new one.

Not that the original one (now about 30 years old, or more), which I got for about $3.25, isn't sharp any more.

At 12:13 AM, Anonymous john said...

too sharp


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