Sunday, December 23, 2007

What gmail offered me today: yurts

If you have a gmail account you know it chooses little ads for you based on the content of your letters. I was corresponding with a gentleman who makes a roundtrip from NC to Mongolia every month, and a little ad popped up from

Of course I had to visit the site, I've been talking about building a yurt for decades. In the 70s, I even bought a book called "Build Your Own Yurt." It always seemed too hard, though, and joined the list of hobbies I managed to circumvent by buying the books rather than embarking on the projects.

Here's one of the company founders with his wife and child in their yurt. They build the kits in Mongolia and ship them around the world.

And here's a facebook photo set of a guy setting up his new yurt from this company.

I already have more dwellings than I need, but I'm still tempted.

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At 2:13 PM, Blogger Captain Jenny Cash/Schoolmarm-in-Black said...

Yurts are cool. There are several companies in the US offering luxury yurts, and they look like they'd make really terrific lake cabins or whatever.



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