Monday, September 03, 2007


My painting from yesterday does not fit the Illustration Friday topic. Hannah and I were both struck by a very bizarre religious painting at one of the monastery gift shops and decided we would both work on copies of it. Mine is going ok except the colors are putrid and there is unintentional resentful sexual imagery in my painting (perhaps subconsciously owing to my resentment that there are no women in the picture) which I must abolish.

This week was consumed altogether with the donkey fence, which is now finished except for the gates. I bought a great new chainsaw by Stihl and had a great time getting scratched and bruised as I crashed through the woods feeling powerful. It's even more fun than weedwhacking.

The rest of today MUST be spent getting music ready for the first rehearsal of the Triangle Jewish Chorale tomorrow. This happens every year (I put it off) but this is the worst ever. And to think, I scold my son for procrastinating!


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