Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hannah: an odd painting

The New York Correspondents Desk apologizes for its long absence. I was moving, starting a new job, and watching donkeys steal weeds all across Bulgaria. I am appreciating this chicken project from a distance. Jealous that in North Carolina there is room for working animals. In New York we only have room for useless animals such as small yappy dogs and a small cat that pounces on my feet when it gets bored. Cat actually found a bug crawling across the floor the other day and killed it, but she had no interest in eating it (we could hardly blame her) so we had to pick up after her anyway. Useless. Totally useless.

Anyway, I'm writing because I'm about to obliterate this painting I did, on account of it just turned out so awfully weird. It's a painting of a singer I like very much, and she has (I think) an enchanting mysterious smile in her promo photo, but somehow it turned out all crap when I did it. Any ideas why it looks so peculiar?



At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Kay said...

Sorry, Hannah, I can't help with the painting, especially since I don't recognize the singer. Who is she?

On another subject, CSA. I don't know if you are still getting vegetables, since you moved, but there is a movie out about the farm from which some neighbors and I got organic vegetables for several years. The name of the farm is Angelic Organics and it is in Illinois close to the Wisconsin border. The name of the movie is "The Real Dirt on Farmer John". You should try to see it if you can. It is a documentary of John Peterson's life, how he almost lost the farm completely, and how he became a successful organic farmer. He is quite a character, and the movie is really interesting. Obviously it is not being booked in first-run theatres, so look for it in other places. I saw it at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, which specializes in foreign and independent films.

At 11:10 AM, Blogger JusticeNeedsNoReason said...

If you think your paintings weird then your not au-fait with Picasso and others of that mad-and-odd school. Everyone of his paintings are weird, and no one in their right mind would buy a 5 cents nail to hang them up. But all you want is a famous auction house company claiming there worth $22 million dollars and Golems from all over the world will arrive waving cheque books. All you need do is paint the ladies face pale blue, tell the world your going through your 'blue period' and your on your way to joining Mrs Astor and her blue blooded crowd on Balieys Beach this summer. Be bold my dear and splash blue all over it and enter it into some Boston catalogue sale. You'll need to buy a cigarette holder of course and cut your hair in a 1930 moppet fringe, the madder you look the more it will fetch.


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