Saturday, July 14, 2007

What a relief! One less decision to make.

Extracts from
Toilet-paper dispenser is stingy with the sheets
By Brian Tracey, MSNBC

A toilet-paper dispenser that limits the issue of tissues...

A year in the works, the electronic dispenser is being rolled out to the masses by Kimberly-Clark Corp. The company believes most people will be satisfied with just five sheets — and use 20 percent less toilet paper in the process.

"Most people will take the amount given," says Richard Thorne, director of the company's washroom business. Waxing philosophical, he adds, "People generally in life will take what you give them."

Kimberly-Clark turned to focus groups and years of internal research to determine just how much is right.

Americans typically use twice as much toilet paper as Europeans — as much as an arm's length each pull, Thorne says.

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At 10:23 AM, Anonymous sylvia said...

I don't know Melinama...I just might decide that one dose isn't enough, then I'd have to decide whether or not to re-dispense, then I'd have to decide if one re-dispense is enough. Now I've got two to three decisions to make where there used to be just one.


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