Sunday, July 01, 2007

More giant cheese

Yes, it's another giant cheese. 700 pounds of cheddar carved into a replica of Mount Rushmore by Troy Landwehr, who was, as you may be able to guess by close inspection of this publicity photo, commissioned by Cheez-It snack crackers.

Previous giant cheeses at Pratie Place: the Mammoth Cheese of Ontario: made for the 1893 World Expo, it took 207,200 pounds of milk, one day's milk from 10,000 cows. It was six feet high and 28 feet in circumference.When the cheese was fully packed, its shipping weight was 26,000 pounds (13 tons). (Click the link to see a picture of what's left.)

Also, Jefferson's Cheese: "The finished cheese was ungainly: more than four feet in diameter, thirteen feet in circumference, weighing 1,235 pounds, it would have sunk into muddy spring roads. Therefore it was decided to make delivery in winter, by sled and boat. ... 'By the time it reached Baltimore, the ripening cheese, now nearly six months removed from the cows, was strong enough to walk the remaining distance to Washington.'"



At 5:55 PM, Anonymous susanlynn said...

At the annual Pennsylvania farm show in Harrisburg, they make big sculptures out of butter. And there is an annual competition at one of New Jersey beaches every summer for big sand sculptures. All that time and effort for works that will not last. When we went to Florence a few years ago, I was amazed at the beautiful , elaborate chalk pictures artists drew on the sidewalks ...they were gone the next day after the streets were cleaned. P.S. Melinama, I thought of you today when I started a painting for my grandbaby-to-be. The other day , I decorated a little wooden shelf from Goodwill and a small wooden child's chair I got at a yard sale. But I am such an amateur.


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