Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My valentine's day presents to myself...

Some of my favorite presents of all time were:
  • An electric pencil sharpener;
  • A copy machine;
  • A tiny yellow bulldozer.
Most of the usual Valentine offerings, things with which I might theoretically be gifted (I like this sleazy newspeak verb) if I had a valentine, aren't my favorite:
  • Jewelry, in my opinion, is a giant waste of money;

  • Ditto expensive restaurants - next day, what have you got to show for dropping all that dough?

  • Flowers - lovely at first, they wither and die in their vase, reminding me of our inevitable mortal decay (and I feel guilty when I finally throw them out);

  • Chocolate: I love it but would consider any attempt to import it into my territory a hostile gesture, since I am still wearing my 12-year-old jeans and want to continue fitting into them. (Not to say I'll ever turn down a piece of chocolate that's offered to me.)
Nonetheless I felt the need for some self-gifting so I just bought:
  • InDesign, the devilishly intricate graphic design program which seems to be the standard among cd-replication companies these days. As I wrote previously, in the old days putting an album cover together involved ink, paint, rubber cement or wax, and a final trip to get color separation films made. These days, it can all be done by email, but only if you have one of the correct graphics programs. I've been cadging off other people for help with this long enough, so I bit the bullet and bought. Now I'll be gnashing my teeth for days trying to figure out how to use the 1% of InDesign's bells and whistles I actually need;

  • A Seiko "Quiet-Sweep" wall clock. For some reason I've gotten so sensitive to the ticking of the clock in my music studio I've had to take it off the wall and cover it up with pillows. And then I can't see what time it is. The Seiko was kind of expensive, but if I can leave it on the wall I guess it will be worth it.
What did YOU get for Valentine's day? Give me some vicarious pleasure and leave a comment.

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At 12:48 PM, Blogger AJ said...

Haven't received my Valentine's gift yet, so I can't comment on that, but I do feel pretty good about the iPod Shuffle I got for my wife. She absolutely loved it, and since she just doesn't do technology, it's something she would have never gotten for herself.

My only question is, why did I wait so long? I have become notoriously predictable in my V-Day motis operandi, as noted by Michelle's possibly innocent, but oh-so pointedly received comment, "This is SO much cooler than flowers..."


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Alma said...

My husband took me to a fund raiser for the Poetry Center of Chicago (it was actually a couple of days ago). The theme was "No Love For Love: An Anti-Valentine's Day Reading" and we got to listen to various poets, writers, and other artistic types read about the downside of love... My favorite -- and the reason my husband came up with this great gift -- was the headliner, Ira Glass, of NPR fame! I love his radio show and was so awe struck that I couldn't get up the nerve to go up and greet him, but just to to see him in such an intimate setting was fantastic!

Alma... feeling so lucky that her husband appreciates what a big geek she is...

At 3:00 PM, Blogger schoolmarm said...

Melinama--re: what I have to show for it the next day after an expensive dinner? Five pounds.


At 9:23 AM, Blogger MLight said...

Yesterday was both our anniversary and our daughter's birthday - which trumps all so we haven't gone out on the day of our anniversary for 15 years. We go later, though that knocks out Fridays once Lent starts unless we want to go out for seafood. It can sometimes take months to get around to our anniversary dinner. Last year, just to be sure we actually went out for our 25th anniversary, we went out on New Year's Day. To the Mellow Mushroom in Durham. I'm a cheap date!

So, I guess my present for Valentine's day this year was going out to breakfast just myself and my daughter - we talked until the lunch crowd started arriving!

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our Valentine's Days are always very traditional. Hub always gives me 3 roses, one for each of our children. My favorites are red, but he sometimes gives me other colors. We always give each other cards...mine are sometimes funny ,but the ones hub chooses are always mushy and have lots of words..probably because he is a pretty quiet guy. We always go out to our favorite restaurant for dinner. He usually gives me jewelry , and I often give him aftershave or clothing. This year was a little different because we got sleet and snow Tuesday night, so Hub couldn't get out for the card and flowers and we cancelled our dinner reservations. Instead, we made dinner together and watched the one show we watch together every week, ''Friday Night Lights,''and he made a valentine for me on the computer. School was cancelled due to the weather, so we got to spend the whole day together. It was a nice, cozy, snowed-in Valentine's Day . I've been a little preoccupied lately because my mother is going into a nursing home this weekend, so there was a little shadow over the holiday this year.~~~Susanlynn,always hopefully romantic

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous sylvia said...

My dear sweet father gives my sister and me the same thing every year, a sweet card telling us how much he loves us, a bouquet of flowers, and a ridiculous amount of candy, heavy on the chocolate. At our ages (49/51) we don't really do the candy thing too much (except for really good, really dark chocolate) but hey, if he still thinks we're daddy's little girls it's OK with us. I made a heart-shaped chocolate mousse torte for work and a mini version for my honey, I bought myself a pair of pink flowerie girlie glasses, then met up with my family at dad's for dinner and a movie. Like Susanlynn, my honey is immersed in trying to sort out his elderly mom's life (including a dreadful sister who is stealing mom's money!) so the fact that he was able to show up for dinner, (though exhausted and stressed) was a good thing.

I really like the idea of an anti-Valentine's poetry reading. Best to all of you!

At 5:26 PM, Blogger Tamar said...

A card. I received a card. But I had fun blogging and being snowed in!

At 6:29 AM, Blogger Badaunt said...

Late, but you asked...

The Man came home that evening just after I'd noticed it was Valentine's Day. (Yes, we don't take much notice of these things.)

"What have you got me for Valentine's Day?" I greeted him with, and he said,

"Eh? It's Valentine's Day?"

Then he got a gleeful look, rooted around in his pocket, and presented me with a very small, rather squashed and melted chocolate.

I guess that makes us Not Romantic.

At 12:55 AM, Anonymous UberCupid said...

It's so uber hip to be anti-Valentine's Day. I guess I feel about concerts the same as expensive meals: they are gone and what have you to show for it. (For the uber hip: this is sarcastic.)


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