Friday, February 09, 2007

Bowling with Menticia

I took these pictures last weekend when the Blue Ribbon Advocate Mentor program gave us all a bowling night.

First I took Menticia and her friend to the local Chinese restaurant where the two of them chowed down an unbelievable amount of lo mein using chopsticks very dextrously.


Because they were extremely anxious not to miss a second of bowling, we got to the alley almost a half hour early. They played air hockey and piled on this motorcycle thing.


We were the first to arrive at Lane Number One and the first to have our shoes on. They had already spent quite a while examining all the bowling balls in the joint and discussing their relative merits.

Then we had to wait for some other girls to show up. We ended up with three more. At first these other three were at pains to show us how uninterested they were in the proceedings. They sat way in the back and ate nachos. Each had to be summoned by repeated shouting when it was her turn to bowl.

However, one of the bored three suddenly discovered she was good at bowling. This upped her interest considerably. She migrated away from the table in the back and started hanging out in front with Menticia and her buddy.

Seeing their friend get involved and excited, the last two started to get interested almost in spite of themselves. And so they left the shadows and came up to the front too. And pretty soon all five of them were jostling and shouting and watching the scoreboard above, and having a great time.

My favorite part of the evening was just watching these girls have a great time. Because I am a lurker by nature, I almost prefer being around happy people to being happy myself.

I like bowling too but the best thing is how comfortable the bowling shoes are.





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At 6:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun night. When Hub and I were in high school , we used to go bowling. I was not very good. The ball was very heavy for me, and I once dropped it BEHIND me instead of down the alley. Also, it was difficult to find shoes small enough to fit me. The girls looked like they had a good time.~~~Susanlynn


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