Sunday, February 04, 2007

Melina's "gifts from the departed"

I wanted Melina to post this one herself, but because she has migrated her own blog to New Blogger she can't post on mine anymore, isn't that weird? I hope we can figure it out but in the mean time this is what she wrote:

I have a lot of trouble getting rid of gifts because I remember exactly where and when I got everything I own.

Melina's gifts from the departed (of all genders):

Father's Grandfather: A stuffed animal - a pink cat named "Felicity" - that he gave me when my little brother was born.

Father's Grandmother: recipe for Viennese Sacher Torte

Mother's Grandmother: Two china animals, a bunny rabbit and a fawn, that my mother stole off the shelf and gave to me before the estate sale that took place when her grandmother died; a slightly scary doll from the early 1900s with a splintered and cracked china face; the money that got me through college without debt; my status as a potential member of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Mother's Father: Newt Gingrich's book; several copies of "The Limbaugh Letter" from the late '90s; a mousetrap-powered car, with wooden wheels, which I used in physics class (he was an engineer but the car didn't work very well)

Mother's Mother: a fitted orange shirt with vertical stripes that I wore until it dissolved; family predisposition toward insanity

Mother's Aunt: Set of watercolor paints and beautiful watercolor paper that I use to this day; enjoyment of going to the beach in the winter

High school boyfriend: an entire three-ring binder (4" spine) full of emails that we sent each other when I was supposed to be doing my homework (most to the effect of "YES, I really like you, I said that yesterday. Do you really like me?") ; a guilty fondness for Burger King's Hershey's Sunday Pies

College Boyfriend #1: a musical arrangement of Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls for marching band, which we wrote together; a copy of Jim Henson's movie Labyrinth; a couple of fiction stories that I hope nobody ever, ever finds

College Boyfriend #2: A lost $1000 from a broken lease; a necklace and a matching pair of earrings; a permanent hatred of football (before him it was merely indifference)

Friend from Summer 2006: A couple of excellent songs (contemporary musical theater)
Friend from Summer 2006: A couple of excellent songs (blues/jazz piano)
Friend from Summer 2006: A couple of excellent songs (Israeli neo-folk)
Friend from Summer 2006: A t-shirt with a picture of two unicorns mating under a rainbow

You never know what will turn up next, eh?


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