Saturday, January 20, 2007

What I did after I got my wisdom teeth extracted.

Why do dentists hate wisdom teeth so much? Mine weren't causing me any trouble, I'd been eating on them all my life, but for various reasons (they must have been convincing reasons, or why would I subject myself to this?) I let the dentist take them out. The two on the right last year, the two on the left yesterday.

While I was zoned out on tylenol & codeine afterwards, I worked on my project.

I signed up for an ATC (Artist's Trading Card) exchange. 26 of us are on a list and we're sending a card to each of the other people on the list. I've gotten two in the mail from the other folks already. (There was a name for this kind of thing when I was a kid but I've forgotten it.)

So this is my experiment with abstracts. I took two of my bigger canvases, with pictures I hated and had randomly painted over. I made a little viewfinder, 2-1/2" x 3-1/2", and I cut out bits of the canvases that had colors I liked. Then, while I was trying to ignore the bloody holes in my mouth, I painted over the little cards yet again. It was a fun, low-IQ way to spend the afternoon.



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At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melinama--Hope that you are feeling better soon. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out while I was teaching in a high school some years ago. I felt better after they were gone, but I lived on milkshakes for a few days. I remember lying on the family couch medicated, groggy,soremouthed, and unhappy while my in-laws gave friends of theirs a tour through our newly built home. I warned them that I had not made the bed. In-laws!!! Then, when my girls were in their teens, I took the elder to have all 4 out one summer, and the younger the next summer. It's amazing how differently they reacted to their convalescence. The elder was all ''You are the bestest mom ever.'' The younger who is normally very laidback and sweet was all,''Leave alone...this pain...why me!!!'' I like your new works--very vibrant and colorful..lots of energy. ~~~Susanlynn, glad to have no more wisdom teeth left to pull out ...and still working on getting the wisdom


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