Friday, January 26, 2007

We're having fun over at Caray, Caray!

Here are some bits of posts and comments from my blog Caray, Caray! - at which fifteen bloggers are recapping the three telenovelas which air on Univision five nights a week. We have quite a lively discussion going on there (we're averaging almost 600 hits a day). Educational, too, as you shall see. Thanks to all the folks who are contributing tidbits like these:

La vida me ha vuelto muy arisca. Life has made me very surly.
La vida se me ha vuelto muy arisca. Life has become very surly to me.

I still laugh thinking about how in Heridas there was apparently only one priest and church in all of Mexico City, and only one hospital. And how easily they were able to drive across the most populous city in North America just to have a three minute conversation, and nobody ever got stuck in traffic!

What is with Emiliooo not recognizing Alina? Are jeans and teeshirt kind of like Superman's red and blue getup?? ... you put them on and people do not recognize you??? This has never worked for me. ... I'm in my jeans and tee, and yet people remarkably STILL know who I am.

If Martha looks pregnant lately, it's probably because her fat suit doesn't seem to fit properly. Especially when she sits down, the "fat" part rides up, making her look preggers.

I don't know if I can continue to watch this show. It bothers me that they killed off Luisito and David, and I hate to see that poor little guy with the heart problems. Now, they have given sweet JC leukemia. I want suffering for the evil ones and happiness for the good folks, and I am not getting that formula from this novela. ~~~Susanlynn, ready to write her own novela...lots of good pirates and horses and swords

I didn't know that leukemia was the disease of choice in Telenovela World. Kind of like "brain fever" in 19th century English novels.

Rosita, Flor's beautiful friend, is standing by the river. She disrobes and steps into the water. Don Maximo is hiding on the shore drooling and twisting his moustache. After she swims and puts her clothes back on Don Maximo sneaks up behind her and attacks her. He wants her to be his, all his. Rosita screams and struggles. Flor and Tonqui the wonder dog hear her screams and run to her aid. Flor demands that he let her go, Don Max tells her to mind her own business and to shut up the dog or he'll put a bullet hole in him. Tonqui barks viciously and bares his teeth. Rosita pushes Maximo into the water. He swears at them as they run away. I liked this scene a lot, I had to rewind it a couple of times. Tonqui's teeth look very sharp.

plomazo - bullet hole
una aventura - an affair
lana - wool but also slang for money/dough
zafado - nut case

She's a little out of his league: Esas pulgas no brincan en tu petate = Those fleas don't jump in your bedroll.

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At 4:06 PM, Anonymous sylvia said...

Yep, we're having a great time recapping those wacky novellas. The stupider the story the more fun the recap. Occasionally the characters are so ridiculous/wimpy/self-centered/insert-negative-trait-here that it's frustrating, but then I remember the motto: to learn Spanish and to mock.

Thank YOU Melinama for starting the Caray Caray fiesta in the first place.

Sylvia, your devoted recapper

At 4:12 PM, Blogger melinama said...

Sylvia! I don't know how I ever managed without you. Wish we lived next door to each other. Thanks for everything.

At 8:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melinama---Yes, what Sylvia said!!! I'm so glad that I found your site. I even go back to the old ''Alborada''recaps. Your writing and sense of humor are fantastic. What a fun place you have created. I look forward to stopping by each day to see what's visiting with neighbors....and I am picking up Spanish , little by little.~~~Susanlynn, still working on sending the photo to you

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous sylvia said...

I wish we were closer neighbors than 3,000 miles away! Hopefully one day we can all meet face to face. Maybe someday we can have a Caray, Caray! convention or reunion or something.

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have have seen la gata many many times and thanks for your blog about this novela. I canot spanish so your version in English were very very good for me. I could also get it in Swedish. Unfortunately we cannot see latin novela like Telenova, Televisa in Swedish. I am so sorry for that.
I startetd to see this novela in Kenya 2015 and after that I have seen it on youtube. I like Daniel Arenas and Maite Perroni so much. They are so beautiful together. I hope to see them together in a new novela.
Is it so that you write about another novela as Mi mirado Tiene Familia or any other novela with Daniel Arenas or Maite P.

We are a lot of people in Sweden who likes to see mexican novelas but in Sweden they do not buy them just lots of american boring series.

Kind regards
G Dahlgren, Sweden

PS. Thnaks for translating La gata.


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