Thursday, January 25, 2007

Melina: A fun thing for a high school age Jewish kid to do

I got info about this program from my job. I don't know very many high schoolers right now, but I would have loved to do this when I was in high school.

Then again, I was a huge dork.

The Samberg Family History Program

An Academic Summer Fellowship for High School Students
July 2 - 27, 2007

The Samberg Family History Program will engage you in a multi-faceted exploration of Jewish history and your family's past. We draw upon all of the resources at the Center for Jewish History: our world-renowned collections of books, archival documents, photographs, artifacts, paintings, films, sound recordings, and textiles; our expert curators, archivists, and librarians; our technology offerings, knowledgeable historians, and caring educators. Based in the heart of New York City, we also take great advantage of our city's myriad important research institutions and historic sites.

Through the generosity of the Samberg Family Foundation, all students accepted into the Program receive full tuition fellowships and are recognized as Samberg High School Fellows. As a Fellow, you are both a student, learning a subject, and an apprentice, pursuing research into the Jewish past alongside the worldwide community of academics, genealogists, and others who come to use the collections housed at the Center for Jewish History.

The Samberg Family History Program is co-sponsored by the Center for Jewish History's Genealogy Institute and the American Jewish Historical Society and funded by the Samberg Family Foundation.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the program and about how you can discover your own history.



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