Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yiddish sign-off suggestions for Katie Couric

From Yiddish Forum member M. G. Wolfe.

Our members are probably aware that Katie Couric wants her viewers to come up with an original sign-off. Here are my Top Ten suggestions:

  • "A gute nakht" (A good night)

  • "Azoy geyt es" (That is how it goes)

  • "Lomir makhn nakht" (Let's call it a day)

  • "Sheynkeyt fargeyt, khokhme bashteyt" (Beauty fades, wisdom stays)

  • "Vos nakh vilst du?" (What more do you want?)

  • "Dos is alts!" (That's all!)

  • "Shoyn genug!" (Enough already)

  • "Gleyb eyn oyg mer vi tsvey oyern" (Trust one eye more than two ears)

  • "Gey gezunter heyt un kum gezunter heyt" (Go in good health and come (back) in
    good health)

  • "Me vet zikh zen on NBC" (See you again on NBC.)

  • "Host du bay mir an avle" (So I made a mistake.)

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At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like them. Susanlynn


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