Sunday, May 14, 2006

Adventures of the NYC Office: El Viejo

El Compositor has quickly become a somewhat complex situation, partly because I am taking him seriously. In fact, so seriously that I got flustered between Date 1 and Date 2 and set up three more dates with total strangers to try and balance him out.

For some reason, there are twice as many men as women registered on the personals site I'm using. Maybe women are more leery about meeting strangers (and quite reasonably so). Maybe fewer women, on the whole, don't see the computer as a social access point or as a recreation tool. Regardless of the reason, it's a pretty lively site for a young woman.

Who should pop up this morning saying hi to me but a brand new live one, another musician, his face fashionably blurred in his promo album, his age so advanced that I dare not reveal it. With my usual compassion, I will here call him "El Viejo."

Now I know something about no-longer-young single male musicians on the prowl, (I am not thinking of any in particular here, Mom, just the general scene), and no way I could ever fall for any of the lines he might try to pull. So weird! Why does he want to meet such a young girl as Melina! There can't be a good reason, can there? But hey, I had some afternoon free time, and I'm trying not to be so judgmental in my life. So I met El Viejo.

And it was fun. He was comfortable with himself, he was cute, he knew how to ask me questions about myself, he was not very mature, but hey, that's how you get to be a single guy of XXXCENSOREDXXXX years of age. He had a little earring. I asked him where to find cheap furniture in the city, and mocked him for being old, and asked him for relationship advice, and he took it well. He's touring in Europe for the next two weeks - when he gets back, maybe he can point me to some good concerts in town... maybe some I can take my next dates to go see. A mutually-agreeable kiss on the cheek for Viejo. Thanks for the nice chat. Bye, Viejo. Play on, player.




At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband and I met online over 8 years ago. I was in a random chat room, and was looking to enter another when I saw a solitary person 'sitting' in a chat room alone. I popped in to see what type of person sits in a vertual room alone, and found an interesting conversationalist. Then I found out he was less than five minutes from me! (The chat room was a global virtual place, so...chances of meeting someone that the a very small town...were extremly low! I had a few moments of 'omg! Thats stalking distance!!' but soon we were chatting online for hours at length. Then came the telephone...we spoke on the phone for months - in fact - a year - before we met in person. But we knew each other so well by then, we just fell into place. One year and two weeks after meeting in person, we were hitched in a lovely Justice of the Peace ceremony at the court house. Attended by a blind witness (my brother), my frined from work, a convict in orange awaiting her trial, and her sharrif chaprone! It took five minutes. Then we had a lovely reception at the vilage Inn - minus the convict and law enforcement. Even on the internet, it is possible to have that 'chance' meeting - that can lead to a lifetime. :)

At 9:44 PM, Blogger melinama said...

If you are truly intending to lead your life in telenovela style, then a man of XXcensoredXX age may definitely be on your dance card. Remember "NiƱa Amada Mia," our first telenovela? The silver haired guy got the foxy young babe, young as his daughters. And now, in the dreary "Barrera de Amor" - well, the barrier, we recappers have decided, is that the dull old veterinarian seems destined to get the hot young heroine. Is this for you, my dear?


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