Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That moment most bloggers arrive at eventually.

  • When I was in high school I was very self-conscious about the braces on my teeth. On the day they finally came off, I waltzed around school smiling broadly at everybody ... then realized nobody noticed. It was on that day I realized it's a waste of energy to be self-conscious because most people are so caught up with their own stuff they don't notice yours. It was liberating.

  • My mother used to mock me: "You never finish anything you start." It's true there were many partially completed projects strewn around my room - e.g., TWO sweaters which I knitted all the way to the last sleeve and then abandoned. (To be fair, though, it was not just out of boredom I quit those knitting projects. It had become more and more obvious the sweaters were going to be irredeemably ugly.)

  • My mother's accusation stung. As an adult, therefore, I've insisted on seeing every project through -- to the point of being whacky. For instance, when I was building my house I had the feeling every night that I couldn't rest till the job was done. Some things cannot be completed in one sitting, one has to rest or perish...

  • I realized recently that Pratie Place, also, was falling under my long-dead mother's rubric. Not only had I set myself a task which, in order to "see it through," would require writing till I die, but I'd also somehow decided I had to do it every day!

  • Remembering the braces lesson, I realized that nobody but me noticed or cared that I'd posted something every single day since I began in January of last year. It was a pointless discipline.

  • So, yesterday, I never opened the shutters here. Nothing bad happened.

  • In fact, it felt good and will probably happen again. Maybe often.

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At 10:08 AM, Anonymous pablo said...

I dread when this day arrives for me. I've vowed to make a post every day at least through my first anniversary (next month!!!) and then after that, I may take it a bit easier. I always try to include a photo of my rural retreat, and that has grown difficult in recent months. (Is there anything on those 80 acres I haven't photographed?) Plus I worry that I may begin repeating myself and not know it.

I hope you keep posting in some fashion and frequency, but I understand where you are.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Radioactive Jam said...

Every day for over a year? That seems like a commendable accomplishment to me. I can't speak for others who've been here during that time - this is my first visit - but if I'd been visiting for any length of time I'd notice a break in an every-day routine. I might even leave a comment about noticing the pattern change :-)

Personally I like to post something each weekday, though I try to not chide myself too much if I miss. Weekends - depends if there's anything special kicking around in my head. Breaks are good; so are predictability, flexibility, and ongoing satisfaction.

Hope you enjoy your "new" blogging rhythm, however it plays out.

At 1:19 PM, Blogger kenju said...

Believe it or not - I noticed. I thought you might be sick or out of town. Glad to know you are not either.

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Jen H. said...

Well, I read you every day, but I understand that other people have to have lives too. It's just that yours is much more interesting than mine! So, I'll still appreciate the fine stories whenever you get a chance to post.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger MLight said...

I noticed, but I assumed that you were busy. Or outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Kay said...

I am one of the Alborada horde, but I have long since started to check in every day because your stuff is so interesting, so I definitely noticed that there was nothing on Tuesday. Since I retired, I have made no daily commitments to anything (except watching or taping Alborada, of course). I am in awe of someone who can make the commitment you have to post something every day. I have always wondered when you sleep. Kay

At 8:10 PM, Anonymous HL said...

you do it for yourself before anybody else

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Claude said...

I wouldn't worry about it! We all go through times when it's too much. And blogging is better if it's fun and not an obligation. There are times when I have nothing to say, but it doesn't matter! Sometimes I wish I were able to write more regularly, but when I retired, I promised myself that I would try to not force myself to do anything.
Have a nice vacation :)


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