Thursday, September 01, 2005

Similar vehicular problems in Virginia

From Fragments from Floyd:
It is survival of the fittest. Those who are slow, courteous or hesitant, lose. The unfit are denied their portion of a finite natural resource at or at least near the center of their natural habitat and must range far and wide for alternative niches.

There may be aggressive encounters with younger members of the species, and at the last minute, just before it seems there might be an opening, the quicker competitor snatches up the morsel of habitat for himself, and walks away victorious, right elbow flexed, talking to air as is the way of his kind on this prairie campus.

The loser howls to the tepid air, rails against the injustice that he, a silver-back male of the species, must grovel for his space. Should he not be honored with a higher place in this hierarchy than this? Had he served his turn as a low-ranking juvenile and subadult all those years only to come to this humiliating anonymity in the teeming thousands who milled about as he did, sweating, cursing, looking for their petty portion of the commons accessible to his kind?

I sure hope that today, I find a parking place.

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