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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Greetings from Cromwell, CT

Knowing I would suffer all day from an OCD wish to BE HERE, I decided we'd do the drive in one long haul. From Chapel Hill to Middletown turned out to be almost twelve hours, including a couple traffic jams.

Because Zed was willing to put up with a 5:30 am departure, we got here in time to find his dorm while there was still daylight. We met a trio of international students on his floor (they have been here for a few days already) and toured the campus.

From my point of view the most important thing we did was to scope out the closest place for decanting his possessions in the morning. I found a firedoor near Zed's room which led directly to a place I can drive to, if I'm careful. Then I found a sweet international student who says she's happy to open the fire door for us at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Successful recon: product of decades of craftily finding the best place to unload a sound system.

While we ate a not-very-good Indian dinner, I found myself fretting, again in an OCD way, about the time it would take to put Zed's bookcase back together in the morning. So we went back to the dorm, found somebody to let us in, and I squatted in a dark hallway screwing and nailing the thing together, grunting a little bit and sweating, glad there were no strangers watching.

Now we're watching Jared Diamond on PBS in a desultory way. I'm thinking, this is the last night of Zed's being in my care. As of tomorrow he's on his own.

It was a very satisfactory day. And the hotel even has a wireless connection!

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