Saturday, August 27, 2005

NYC update

Hi all,
So my car did not break down, and everything went just fine, and I am all set up here in my new apartment in New York, with boyfriend... I have learned a few things already this journey. One of them is about furniture. A person needs it. But it is just awful to try to get it around in the city. There are lots of people on craigs list practically begging to give you their furniture, they will give it to you for free, they will pay you to take it, but the only condition is you have to go get it yourself. Unless it is a situation of life and death, no one is willing to haul furniture up stairs.

Our apartment is two rooms in a converted hotel overlooking Lexington avenue from the 9th floor. It's awfully fun to look down and watch people and cars beeping and causing a fuss. New York does not seem as scary when you have your own (relatively) quiet nest place...

I am now also a Working Person. I have some business cards. It is pretty neat so far.




At 8:08 AM, Blogger kenju said...

Congrats on the move. My daughter did the big move to NYC last Feb. and I know how hard it is to move the furniture or get someone to take it! Enjoy the city and your new job.


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