Thursday, July 21, 2005

More sayings from Norway, Maine

Here's a picture of Peter Lenz, historian of Norway, Maine, and his sales table. Here are a few more of his sayings...

strayaway folks
Up in my neck of the woods there's as many strayaway folks as there are middlin' do-as-yer-told ones.
those following a different way, usually in solitude; loners; out of place people

a worn item or person, or something misshapen, toppling, past its use

doesn't know beans with his head in the barrel
This guy is so stupid he don't know beans with his head in the barrel.

your geese are all swans
touted up, puffed out, boasted to be more than is warranted

I wouldn't go near those people or have anything at all to do with their supposed campaign, for if ever there was vampyrachy in this state, this is it!
group or clique of "parasitic bloodsucking politicians," a term going back at least as far as the 1820s

don't go all around your elbow to get to your thumb
stop being so stubbornly awkward and do it the right way

If he had a little more sense he'd be half-witted

How long will you be a prinkin'? Come down here and let's be leaving now!
primping, obsessive grooming, self-beautifying

brick in the hat
He's been out all night and I'm afraid he's got a brick in his hat!
intoxicated, can't walk steadily>

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