Friday, July 15, 2005

A brief report from Sanbornton, New Hampshire

I stayed last night at what appears to be the headquarters of the Sant Bani School on Ashram Road. Our concert last night was at the Congregational Church, one of about four buildings (the others being the library, post office, and police department) that constitute Sanbornton. Two of our kids live in this town: the first is a fourteen year old boy, George, who is a born roadie. He doesn't say much, but he carries a knife, sharpies, duct tape, and virtually anything else you might need. He can fix anything, makes sure equipment is where it needs to be (without being asked), finds things other people have lost. He has been sucked into the orbit of a somewhat older girl who outweighs him substantially and has the same, uh, assets as Marilyn Monroe (or at least, she wields them that way) and the same breathy girlish voice. I have seen Robert Crumb cartoons that look like this twosome.

It's fairly exhausting to be escorting 24 teenagers through New England. I find myself on a campaign to get them to notice we are performing in churches - mostly those wonderful tiny antique churches which still appear over every hill and around every curve in the road - and therefore, to wear shirts (boys) and skirts which cover the pubic region (girls). I can't say I've been very successful. But they are making a glorious noise! They sing beautifully and with a huge enthusiasm, so it's hard to get too cross with them.

After tonight, we'll have four more days and four more concerts. Then we'll drag our dirty clothes and wet towels off the bus and head for home. I've taken a lot of pictures and will have many stories for you!

Until then, my daughter Melina will carry on here. She just reported that some of her entries were showing up in Google at the top of the list and so she has removed them in the interest of prudence. They will reappear, I hope, when her stint in Mississippi is over. She can't be too careful, you know!


At 3:47 PM, Blogger kenju said...

Nice to have you back for a day; been enjoying your baby's writing too.

I do think you are brave to chaperone that many kids on a trip!


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