Monday, July 18, 2005

Brief report from Shrewsbury Vermont

Tonight will be our penultimate performance, in the "Round Church" in Richmond Vermont. I am torn between exhaustion (yearning to be back in my quiet clean predictable life) and nostalgia (because this has been a fantastic experience and it is unlike anything else).

We went to feed the horses this morning. Shrewsbury is a town full of narrow dirt roads (beautifully maintained) lined with ancient maples. Were they all planted at the same time? They are not looking so hot. They may not see too many more decades.

We hauled the most appalling collection of moist objects out of the bus last night. Too many swimming trips with no opportunity for anything to dry. We are cultivating Legionnaire's disease right here in our means of transportation. People refused to claim these items so we packed them back in a huge black plastic bag and hauled them back on the bus. I don't want to be around when this bag gets opened the next (hopefully last) time.


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