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Monday, June 27, 2005


Melina's Diary

We're really having a good time here. The intern crew has adopted the
classic feminine Southern greeting, which we use to startle and alarm
each other. We believe it may be a distant descendant of the rebel
yell. To do it right, as soon as you see someone you like, you have to
raise your eyebrows, bug your eyes out, open your mouth as wide as it
goes, and twiddle your fingers in the air while exclaiming shrilly,

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Joel, how are yee-ew?"
"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Beth, Ah'm just great!"

Everyone is getting along great, although we had a little dust up last
night downtown, wherein Drunken Intern A slapped Drunken Intern B in
the face (affectionately, he claims), whereupon Drunken Intern B, who
is 6'3," punched Drunken Intern A, somewhat less affectionately, in
the eye. (This left a pink mark just north of his cheekbone but caused
no serious damage). Needless to say, this story got around the office
awfully quickly. Drunken Intern A got a talking-to this morning from
management, and Drunken Intern B is probably going to be getting one
as soon as he gets back into work on Monday. Management is not in
favor of interns punching each other. "I don't know why it has to be
such a big deal," Drunken Intern B told me indignantly the next day.
"I just turn into this big asshole when I'm drunk. Last year I punched
this guy in the eye and he had to get stitches."


P.S. To hear an actual rebel yell, get a load of this guy. 90 years old in the 1930s or something. Sounds like it only got more horrifying with age.



At 8:47 AM, Blogger kenju said...

If I had ever heard that (out in the woods or on a battlefield) I would have run too!


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