Thursday, February 24, 2005

Michele sent me to the Unkempt Women

On a schedule I have not yet figured out, Michele sends us (her loyal followers) to various blogs to visit and say hi. The one I have just visited is splendid: vitriolica webb's ite.

The authors, located in Azeitão, Portugal, write about their "Unkempt Women" blogspot thusly: "Vit and Madge occupy the same body. They have other friends in there, but this blog is all theirs. Vit writes, Madge draws, or sometimes the other way round." Well, OK, I have become quite tolerant of individuals who claim they are multiple.

Here are three posts I like:

  • In Portugal it is illegal to let one's children go bare-foot."

  • Lame Imitations: "The desperate desire is to emulate the Rio Carnival and try to make it look as if the Samba was the national dance of Portugal... but in the concentrating faces of the dancers, making sure to get the Samba right, making sure they are doing the Samba better than the girl next to them, or trying to be sexily Samba-ing for the RTP television cameras, it is plain that it is not the national dance of Portugal."

  • In Praise of Blogging - includes a montage of 197 of the original drawings that have appeared on this blog.

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At 11:17 AM, Blogger Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

It's a great site, well worth the time. We like it a lot. Of course, we can relate to the unkempt part.

FYI, Michele puts up site of the day at around midnight.


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