Saturday, January 22, 2005

Stalin World Theme Park

During the gala opening of theme park Stalin World in Lithuania, thousands of invited guests were greeted at the gate by an actor dressed as Stalin; a Lenin look-a-like, complete with a goatee and cap, sat fishing by a nearby pond. Guests were invited to drink shots of vodka and eat cold borscht soup from tin bowls, while loud speakers blared old communist hymns. Nearby, red Soviet propaganda posters read: "There’s No Happier Youth in the World Than Soviet Youth!"

"It combines the charms of a Disneyland with the worst of the Soviet gulag prison camp," creater Malinauskas told assembled journalists.

There is a great selection of Soviet posters to be viewed at Sovok of the Week including this one in which a modern little girl doing homework chides her, uh, unfashionable mother: "Hey Mom, if you were literate you could help me."

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