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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In which talisman maker Rabbi Azulai fails his customer, Dragan Janjić

Update September 2016: Six years after I first posted this article, I have been contacted by Rabbi Azulai AGAIN. This time he is asking me to remove the quotes from his website. Reluctantly I am complying.

Update July 2013: There has been a firestorm of blog comments on this post. It started with a dissatisfied customer, Dragan, whose first response to me I incorporated into this blog post (see below). The rabbi or his assistant wrote to ask me to remove Dragan's complaint (that the amulet did not work), as it was bad for his business.

In subsequent months and years Dragan wrote me several more times, with additional complaints. Evidently the rabbi had convinced him that the failure of the first amulet was due to Dragan's not having spent enough money. So Dragon bought more amulets, but they didn't work either.

So Dragan wanted his money back but was refused. Then, in 2013, he got a refund from Rabbi Azulai in exchange for removing his comments from this post.

Also in 2013 several anonymous "I am thrilled with the magical efficacy of the rabbi's amulets" types of comments were posted. Then I heard from the rabbi's assistant, and finally supposedly from the rabbi himself who wrote: "Recently, I have been asked by several of my clients about this post and whether the talismans actually work. I plan on sending an email to my clients asking them to share their experiences on your blog so people can have access to a variety of testimonials."

I decided I would not be a mouthpiece for poor gullible Dragan nor for the rabbi and his assistant. This post is closed for comments. You will have to look on Yelp or elsewhere if you want to figure out whether it is worth your money to buy a magical talisman.

This all started when in March of 2009 Google served me an ad from and I posted quotes from the rabbi's website on my blog. Imagine, a guy that old knowing how to use Google AdWords!

Last week a dissatisfied Azulai customer, Dragan Janjić, posted a complaint about the $360 he paid the Rabbi for failed talismans. I feel he should be heard. So if you already know all about Reb Azulai and his talismans, scroll down to read the piteous tale of his customer Dragan.

Since Rabbi Azulai has asked me to remove all quotes from his website, I paraphrase:

Rabbi Azulai converts the negative energy from the curse laid upon you into energy full of love and purity. He claims his "healing method" is profound. He discovers the patterns which cause imbalance and efficiently releases them from your very core.

Reb Azulai and a talismanThe rabbi says he is in possession of mystic powers. For instance, he connects with "the world of truth". According to him, he has a unique gift awarded to very few.

With purchases from the rabbi you will, he states, be "activated" with an innate ability to generate wholeness, wellness and balance. You will achieve your soul's mission and achieve contentment, joy, and fulfillment.

magical Jewish talisman rune symbols

Rabbi Azulai incribes his amulets by hand with special kosher ink on deerskin. Upon the parchment he writes "virtues and Solomon signatories" with the power to bring success in all arenas: the rabbi avers he can not only elevate you spiritually but also procure for you excellent health and he can cure barrenness. His amulet will bring you a sweetheart and "ultimately anything you may ask for." He can heal your marriage and protect you from the evil eye. His talisman, he avers, will protect you from poverty and improve your personality, your charisma, and your self confidence.

He warns you may be a victim of black magic and voodoo; he can protect you from such sabotage of your happiness. Without his professional help, if voodoo dolls have been put into play your life can be damaged in a matter of seconds.

After 30 years of practice, the Rabbi claims, he can make you a talisman holding all the secrets of the Kabbalah and other holy works which "track the source of evil from the voodoo religion."

On Rabbi Azulai's website is a story about someone who was getting sicker and sicker. The Rabbi said an evil eye curse had been upon him for a long time. Rabbi Azulai made a talisman and asked the fellow to bring a glass of water. The Rabbi dipped the talisman into the glass and told the man to drink the water. Ever since, the Rabbi avers, the man has been healthy and successful.

Here is the response posted by Dragan Janjić, an employee of Radio & Television in Montenegro, on my original Rabbi Azulai post. Moshe is, evidently, the rabbi's assistant.

Moshe, unfortunately, the time confirmed my doubts about the success of Rabbi's talisman.

My position in Radio and Television of Montenegro is becoming increasingly difficult. Mobbing managers above me are left to receptionists and physical security of radio and television that we often make it impossible to enter and exit the buildings making up the formal obstacles.

The Administration does not issue me an electronic card that I was forcefully abducted just before I was illegally fired 2008.

The Administration does not issue me an electronic card with which an employee enters and exits the building Radio and Television by me forcibly abducted from the same security agents shortly before I was illegally fired 2008th.

In vain I sought to be appealed to the competent inspection ...

So, after months of wearing your talisman I perceive only the deterioration of my living and working conditions.

At the beginning of our communication, I warned you that the $300 is the big money for local conditions in Montenegro! Do not even talk about the two prayers of the $30 with no results!

I have hopes in knowledge and talent of Rabbi David Azulai…

Sincerely disappointed,
D. J.