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Sunday, February 16, 2014

How we built the first donkey shed.

I see things I would do differently now: mainly, I would make the footprint of the shed 10x9 instead of 10x10 so there would be an overhang in the back as well as the front.

We used blocks because we didn't want to notch the rafters.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

In which I meet Roger Kellison, photographer

Last week I went to the Carrboro ArtsCenter to see a local storytelling event called The Monti and there was a photographic exhibit there that knocked my socks off. I bought two pictures there from the exhibit featuring photographer Roger Kellison. Here's one of them:

When I got home, I wanted to get another of the ones I'd seen, but Roger did not have a website. Unacceptable! So I emailed him and said I'd make him one. We did that today. And I got a couple of lovely black and white photos two:

He writes at his flickr site:

My images are frequently drawn from deserted factories, torn posters on NYC walls, wrecked automobiles and other types of decrepitude. The boarded doors, layers of pasted papers, and rusted grillwork, for me, are the tangible evidence of the hopes, dreams, hard work, planning and effort that produced them or the objects and events they advertise.

Sometimes human handiwork is serious and monumental, more often it is comic and flawed. Nevertheless, whether brick, paper, or steel; whether poorly performed or a smash hit; worthless or worthwhile; folly or totally meaningful; all are soon lost beneath the next layer of life's symbols.

He's selling his wonderful color photographs and collages and images of forgotten America at the new, please go have a look and send him a hello!